Welcome to Sodarace

Sodarace is the online olympics pitting human creativity against machine learning in a competition to design robots that race over 2D terrains using the Sodaconstructor virtual construction kit.

Sodarace is evolving

Sodaplay is developing and Sodarace is developing with it. Why don't you get racing on the new Sodaplay now?

Join the conversation

There's a lively new Sodaplay forum that you can join at sodaplay.dailyforum.net. The old Sodarace forum had a long, creative and sometimes turbulent history which is now captured in this archive where you can revisit the historic moment when an artificially evolved ameoba won its first race, or ponder the imponderables of the evolution vs creation thread.


The clever CS4FN (Computer Science For Fun) folks have produced some great Sodarace resources on their website. Check out their tutorials and learn a bit about the kind of Artificial Intelligence behind sodarace.

Sodarace is a joint venture between Soda and Queen Mary, University of London supported by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

The Sodarace Tour

Sodarace Live has been touring the UK translating the core experience of Sodarace.net into a bite-sized exhibition format. Visitors using the kiosk interface are challenged to improve racers using their choice of two techniques, either by hand using a graphical user interface or automatically using simulated evolution. Will Artificial Intelligence beat or complement human ingenuity? Launch the Sodarace Kiosk and decide for yourself.

Fun at Science UPD8

We are excited by the GR8 learning resources at Science UPD8 and think you will B2! Get Martian with the robot explorer, steady the leaning tower and help an injured climber at the sports clinic. All these activities use Sodaplay tools to help understand the scientific principles behind the challenges.

Got Java?

If the Sodarace Kiosk or any other Sodaplay software doesn't work for you then you might need to install Java which is freely available from java.com.